About Happy Dog Obedience Training

Diane, the Happy Dog! Lead Trainer
166 17th Avenue S.E.,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5908
Phone: (727) 898-9653

Diane Anderson, a long-time guide dog puppy raiser, puts her extensive knowledge and skills to work conducting one-on-one consultations and classes on all phases of dog obedience, dog behavior and responsible dog ownership. She also helps individuals and families select the best dog for their lifestyle and living conditions.

From before she began to badger her parents for a dog when she was five, an intense passion and love for dogs has been a part of Diane's character. She currently owns a black Labrador retriever, Zoom, who she takes to hospitals and nursing homes as a therapy dog and to schools and libraries where she teaches dog safety to children. Most of the time Diane has a guide dog in training by her side. The trainee lives with Diane's family and goes to meetings, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, on airplanes and boats, anywhere this dynamic, energetic woman goes.

Diane believes the best time to begin training your dog is before it develops behavioral problems, so getting your puppy started as early as possible is important; a nine week old dog is not too young. But even older dogs of any breed can learn to behave appropriately and respond to a wide array of commands if given the right training.

Diane's techniques will not alter your precious pet's personality; but will provide you with a well-adjusted, happy, obedient, responsive dog.

A well-behaved dog is a happy dog with a happy family!
Diane knows dog obedience.

Diane volunteers much of her time raising guide dog puppies for the blind and visually impaired for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. [ ]
My guide dog in training
Diane and 9-week old Rufus, her current guide dog puppy, a Goldador (half Labrador and half Golden Retriever). Diane will raise Rufus until he is between 1½ and 2 years old, teaching him 30 obedience commands and taking him everywhere with her. Rufus will become an “old pro” at grocery shopping, going to the hairdresser, restaurant etiquette and doctor’s office behavior.
I liked the way Diane gave advice and was always so positive.  I wouldn’t change anything about the class; it was perfect.
Hugh McFarlane
Owner of a Bull Dog/Boxer Mix, Tiger

After the 6-week obedience class, I saw a BIG difference in Apollo 's overall attitude.
Ruth Simkin
Owner of an Akita, Apollo

I liked the individualized attention and the clear, easy to understand lectures - Duke has improved 100%!!
Nema Runyan
Owner of a Weimeraner/Hound mix, Duke

Diane is informative, consistent and knowledgeable. I attended a training class 20+ years ago and this was far superior to what I had previously experienced.
Donna Welch-Buksar
Owner of Miniature Pinschers, Duchess and Lexi

The thing I liked most about Diane’s class was her preparedness and attention.  I know that Turk and I will benefit exponentially from this class.
Cheryl Samm Moffie
Owner of a Great Dane, Turk

Obedience classes can be fun.
Obedience classes can be FUN!
The things I liked most about Diane’s class were
• the small group effort and
• learning the hand signals to which Jasmin responds best.
Thank you, we enjoyed the experience!
Kimberly Beaman and Art Rios
Owners of a Yorkshire Terrier, Jasmin

I really liked the interaction in the Happy Dog! Obedience Training class.
Ken Kubicki
Owner of a Cocker Spaniel, Raizin