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A well-behaved dog
is a Happy Dog!
Happy Dog! Behavior Modification and Obedience Training will teach you and your dog everything you need to know to have a well-behaved dog that is an enjoyable part of your family. The training will be geared to your dog’s temperament so, if you have a strong-willed dog or a shy dog or an energetic, outgoing dog , you’ll learn how to best use the dog’s personality to teach the necessary commands in a humane, positive manner.

Without training, cute puppy behavior can escalate into unpleasant patterns that become permanent, severe problems. So if you want a dog that is sociable, walks nicely on a leash, comes when called, greets you and others without jumping, treats your furniture and other belongings with respect, always relieves outdoors, sees you as the leader of the pack and understands that food on a table is only for human consumption, then you MUST train it to behave this way.

We believe all dogs of any breed and any age can be rehabilitated.

A well-trained dog is a Happy Dog! with a happy family!

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" Wow! Diane is so knowledgeable and we learned so much about dogs and how to make our dog a good pet. It was learning, but fun ."
Geraldine J. Bowie
Owner of Chihuahua, Sam

"Slow learning paced to the owner and not the dog lets the owner do the real learning."
Scott Rhodes
Owner of a Rat Terrier, Maggie

"The class was small, intimate -- so we could get a LOT of information on dogs and specific to your own dog."
Retia McAdory
Owner of a Chow Mix, Ice

"How empowered and in control of my dog I felt at each training session. It made me a better pack leader and therefore made my dog more compliant and enjoyable to be around. Diane gave us the tools and skills to accomplish this. "
Jan Kuehnert
Owner of an Airedale Terrier, Eddie

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