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Classes we offer at Happy Dog!

Happy Dog! Behavior Modification and Obedience Training serves the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area. One-on-One consultations outside St. Petersburg will incur a service fee based on distance traveled and time consumed.
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To view a schedule of classes by date, visit our Class Schedule page.

Descriptions of our classes follow below:
1. One-on-One Consultations/Coaching
2. Boot Camp
3. Beyond the Basics!
4. The Basics of Dog Ownership
5. How Dogs See, Hear, Smell, Feel and Think

One-on-One Consultations/Coaching:
  • Problem Solving
  • Behavior Modification
  • Obedience
  • Selecting the Perfect Dog
  • Getting Ready for a New Baby
  • Blending Two Families with Dogs
  • And More!
One-on-one training is offeredAn experienced Happy Dog! Obedience coach will come to your home, at a time convenient to you, and work with you, your family and your dog to establish an effective behavioral training program specifically geared to your needs. The benefit of one-on-one sessions is that the coach is able to observe your dog in its everyday environment, how it interacts with each family member, and what behaviors may need modification. Each session lasts one hour and, over the course of the sessions, covers the basic obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come, and heel. Other information the family needs to have a well-behaved dog that is a functioning member of the family may also be covered.

Different dogs and their families require different amounts of coaching to reach a level of training satisfactory to the family, but the basic and most important obedience requirements can be taught to any family in two to four sessions.

Happy Dog! also provides training for dogs who already know the basics but whose family would like their dog to have more advanced skills such as retrieve, give, up, down, in, out, right, left, stop, finding specific objects and more. 

Six-Week Group Classes for You and Your Dog
Only $90.00 for nearly 8 hours of instruction & in-depth written materials.

Boot Camp PLUS
some dogs need a challenge
More than just basic obedience, this 6-week course provides you and your dog with EVERYTHING you need to know to have an obedient, well behaved, happy, safe, healthy dog. Diane Anderson, a long-time guide dog puppy raiser and dog behaviorist, is your instructor and will teach you why dogs behave the way they do based on how they think and interact with their environment.

This course provides nearly 8 hours of in-depth information over a six week period.
The first class is 1-1/2 hours long; classes two through six are 1-1/4 hours long. Participants will be expected to spend some time each day, between classes, working on the lessons with their dogs.

Each class builds on the lessons learned at previous classes and includes loose leash walking and the obedience commands of:
• watch me • stay • heel • right & left • leave it • down • forward & halt • right about & left about • sit • come • easy & hurry • and more!

Other Areas Covered:

  • Basic care techniques
  • Appropriate collars, leashes and equipment for your dog
  • Crates, tie downs and puppy gates
  • Effective, gentle corrections
  • Praise and praise timing
  • Canine communication
  • Social behavior around other people and dogs
  • Addressing behavior challenges
The 6-week class fee is only $90.00 and includes in-depth written materials with information about the topics covered in the class. Participants attending at least 5 classes will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • All classes are limited to ten dogs on a first paid, first registered basis.
  • NO refunds after the first class
  • A Boot Camp will NOT be held unless there are a minimum of 5 paid registrants
  • Times and places subject to change

Other Happy Dog! Classes and Opportunities

1. Happy Dog! Behavior Modification and Obedience Training will provide an experienced coach for any of the above six-week obedience courses at your home or facility provided there is a minimum of five paid participants. Your course fee will be waived or the facility will receive a small stipend, whichever you choose.

2. An experienced lecturer/coach will also come to your facility to provide lecture classes for your clients, patrons or members on the following topics.

The Basics of Dog Ownership
One hour at your venue for $75.00 plus time and distance fee. This class covers everything from selecting a dog for your family to determining a dog's temperament. The lecturer may bring along a well-trained dog to use as an example.
Some of the areas covered in this class are:

  • Characteristics of some of the more popular breeds
  • Purebred vs. Heinz 57
  • How to find a trainable dog that’s right for your family
  • What is “temperament” and why is it important?
  • Why dogs act the way they do
  • How to communicate with a dog
  • Humane and effective housebreaking
  • Equipment you must have for your new dog
  • How to use your dog's basic equipment
  • How to teach basic obedience commands
  • How to address behavior problems
  • Scientific facts about dogs you may not know
  • Question and answer session

How Dogs See, Hear, Smell, Feel and Think
One hour at your venue for $75.00 plus time and distance fee. This class is for people who have always wondered what makes a dog with the same five basic senses as a human being so amazingly different from us and, in some cases, so similar. It is based on scientific studies done by reputable research facilities that have determined why, based on their physiology, dogs think and act the way they do. You will be amazed at what science has learned about the dog brain. This course will also help owners understand their own dogs better and interact with them more effectively.